Sometimes [You & Me]



I look for those eyes

To look at me

With the sea of warmth



I crave for those words

Words that could sparkle my soul



I look for those hands

Hands that wish to hold me through



I look for that promise

A promise that is togetherness


And in all these sometimes

I look for a lost part of me

A part that is my world

A world that is you

In everything that is

I look for you!


Author: Not So Intellectual

I writer by 'will', 'destiny', 'genes' & 'profession' love to write as it is the perfect food for my soul's 'hunger pangs'. Writing since the age of seven, beginning with poetry, freelancing, scripting & having tried my hand at journalism. .....I have been extending my expression as I 'see & feel' the world. Here's my first step of opening the doors to my realm of thoughts for you. Welcome to 'my space' as I share it with you. .....and a hope that you find your connection here.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes [You & Me]”

  1. My dear Nandita, you write so well, my bachcha. Keep writing. And please do keep reading good authors. Wide range of subjects. Reading regularly is a must.
    I am proud if you. My Blessings always with you.


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