THE ‘DEADLY DEMONETIZATION’: A letter to Mr. Prime Minister

I am agitated, frustrated and utterly displeased. There is discontent in abundance and the disheartening tales of precious lives lost in the ‘currency chaos’ is no less than an emotional ordeal.


Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, i am a resentful citizen of your nation, who feels deceived and disappointed . Your otherwise, thoughtful & sensible historic decision is marred by ‘pathetic preparedness’ ,  poor implementation & a definite ‘lack of insight’ into the common man’s plight in the aftermath of demonetization.

Not surprisingly, your administrative brigade is an army of a ‘great King’ who is determined to conquer his enemy but somewhere lacks the requisite plan, skill & artillery to face the fierce battle.

A string of unfortunate & uncalled for ‘deaths due to demonetization’ is yet to make a sensational headline. Nonetheless, the death toll has crossed 80. And with the present appalling situation, the ‘dragon’ of demonetization still  seems hungry for more.

The alarming figures may just appear insignificant against your dream of a ‘cashless India’. Although, there have been nearly, 40 deaths in the first week of your ambitious announcement. You may have attempted to turn the tables for a ‘corruption free nation’ …but look who is paying for it?

A number of your ‘poor & lower middle class’ citizens collapsed standing in never ending bank & ATM queues from dusk to dawn. And for some of them a ‘heart attack’ was enough to relieve them of this overbearing ‘note ban stress’.

And there were few others who weren’t brave enough to come to terms with your well contrived ‘black money eradication drive’. A middle aged, common man whose patience gave away after a six day excruciating wait outside the bank, that too, without a single penny in return. So he chose to hang himself to death. A farmer who took his life because he too, was unable to keep pace with the surging crowds.

An elderly woman who succumbed to her worries, only out of shock , failing to understand & accept the sudden currency ban. A man in his fifties, who sat helplessly besides his ‘dead wife’, waiting in vain, to perform her burial rights. Gratitude to the bank officials who refused him cash for the burial.

Poor man, he doesn’t understand that the country’s economic upliftment is far above his wife’s lifeless body.

And for that matter a two year old toddler (having high fever) in Odisha, who was laid to rest in peace just because an auto rickshaw  driver outwardly refused his father a ride for he didn’t have lower denomination note to pay for the fare. A number of  chemists who refused medicine for the banned 500 note, despite the clear instruction by your government. Hospitals denying admission and treatment to the needy patients as they too, wished to escape the onslaught of old currency notes. Its business after all and not ‘ humanity’ which helps in the long run.

And very recently, the exhausting wait outside a bank , transformed into a delivery room  for  a mother to be. Its not a new thing in this country for babies to be born in the open, on roads.

To add to the horror, an increasingly frustrated man in Howrah , who threw his wife to death from the tenth floor as she had returned empty handed hours after standing in  queue outside an ATM.

The muddle & the unruliness has already derailed many lives.

Yes, your emotionally charged speech addressed to the nation was pretty impressive and nevertheless, we hailed your decision. But wish you had a more well chalked out implementation strategy before rolling out a series of inconveniences.

The ‘cash crunch’ is your giving.As if you deliberately defied the basics of ‘demand & supply’ . The new currency is still in the process of printing, the banks are still denying the allowed cash withdrawal, the people are still struggling,still being bashed up and the courts , too, are so helpless.  And the ones who actually have pyramids of unethical assets have already mastered the art of ‘hide & save’. Further, the confusion has only accelerated with RBI  coming up with a new rule every now & then.

So, the suicides, the deaths, the denials, the disappointments, the depression & the endless agonizing wait ….will someday disappear. However, the ‘scars’ are here to stay, for a very very long time.


Author: Not So Intellectual

I writer by 'will', 'destiny', 'genes' & 'profession' love to write as it is the perfect food for my soul's 'hunger pangs'. Writing since the age of seven, beginning with poetry, freelancing, scripting & having tried my hand at journalism. .....I have been extending my expression as I 'see & feel' the world. Here's my first step of opening the doors to my realm of thoughts for you. Welcome to 'my space' as I share it with you. .....and a hope that you find your connection here.

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